Town of New Paltz

Business Development

We know how tough it is to manage information for a changeable public audience of small to large businesses, across a spectrum of industry sectors and business categories. Today's business and economic development corporations must make the case for Quality of Life, community support, and business incentive programs –– and stay ahead of the curve for emerging technologies, legislative updates, and changing economic realities for employees and employers alike.

You need a website that showcases opportunity while making it easy for strategic decision-makers to find what they need. We create sites that streamline document management, is easy to update, and has tools for proving the dramatic advantages your region has to offer

Towns and Government Sites

We create affordable, easy-to-run web sites, even if you cope with dozens of departments, committees, and changing personnel.

Localities have special obligations to the people they serve. Keep costs down, provide timely health and safety information, and make the business of government transparent and easy to access.

Common Cause

All development and government sites require effective registered User management, with secure and mature tools. Issues of compliance and mandated reporting are solved with site tools that merge easily into your workflow, document standards, and filing methods.

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