CoversArrayCover art & Design

An effective cover unites
your intended reader
with your unique content,
in a compelling
moment of clarity.
Each pixel, every
dot of ink must
fuel this moment.

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InteriorsArray2 Pages & Layouts
A page is music, and has a voice.
It pauses, whispers, sings, and shouts
—with a cadence
you must hear
and control.
We respect the clarity
of Robert Bringhurst
and the brilliance
of Edward Tufte.

Cover Design Process—Premium
Example: Three “Up Against” ideas; evolve selected concepts.
(Goya "Colossus" idea: ominous, symbolic figure.)
Ongoing review, co-evolves. (Tornado!) Final mockups.
Author's final revisions; refine & finish the project.

Cover Design Process—SIMPLE
Example: Review raw materials; co-resolve design with Author.
Comp layout is presented; Author reviews, revises, & approves.
Refine the cover & finish the project.

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In one session with Greg, he provided me with brilliant insights on how to proceed with the treatment for an animated short film I had presented him. He addressed how the bones of the story could be stronger, provided a wealth of literary and film references, asked specific questions (which, when I answer will build muscle on the plot), and finished with a succinct plan of action detailing how to make this story walk on its own two legs. 

I'm thoroughly pleased with Greg's professionalism, which is underlaid with genuine kindness. If you're serious about getting your work into a publishable form, I highly recommend you work with Greg.

Emily Conyngham

I brought my book WHAT WE’RE UP AGAINST to Greg Correll and Steve Busch of small packages for them to design both the cover and the interior. The results fulfilled my very, very high hopes. Greg and Steve put time and effort into the process well beyond what I had any right to expect. I very much appreciated that they were always on the side of working till we got things as good as we could make them. And I appreciated the collaborative process that got us to an exceptionally fine outcome.

Andrew Bard Schmookler

"I hired Greg Correll to edit (and design) my book... As we worked together I learned he has a great ear for clarity of language and clarity that might be different depending on the intended audience. Almost all his proposals were improvements. Sometimes they triggered additional improvements from me...Some of the elements of Greg's design for the text served appropriately to accentuate or de-accentuate the content. For this project his excellence at editing and design went hand in hand. I could hardly be happier about how my book turned out."

Chris Duncan
Education Advocate (EAHV)

Wow, your cover design is quite spectacular and dramatic. Congratulations on capturing your reader's attention so effectively.

Kitty Maryatt
Director of the Scripps College Press

Greg Correll has been editing my book manuscript.  That statement doesn’t even come close to the kind of help he is giving me.

Greg has entered my book as a partner.  By taking the time and paying careful  attention, he has come to deep understandings of the story I am trying to tell and how to help me tell it.  His insights and his critical responses are clear and pertinent, and he delivers them with generosity, sensitivity and compassion, such that rather than raising defenses, he inspires confidence.

When Greg is working with me, I feel his deep respect for writers and his love of writing, and I am awed each time by his exceptional intelligence and prodigious talent.  

Without doubt, I am discovering how to improve my book.  But beyond that, I am discovering how to improve my writing.  
I feel privileged to have his help.

RoseMarie Navarra
Writer, Psychologist

Steve Busch is a gifted designer. He has designed all my books and combines an innate sense of beauty with functionality and creativity. He is also a pleasure to work with. I recommend him highly!

David Gershon
CEO Empowerment Institute

Design & Production Packages
Simple Package Cover Design
Efficient design consultation; simple to moderate execution.
Sketches & conversations will resolve one creative direction;
finish as print-ready PDF.
(front, back, & spine; your ISBN=n/c)
Page Design & Fulfillment
Up to 100 pages; up to 5 graphics and 3 simple charts,
up to 10 callouts/epigraphs/pull-quotes.
Choose a template; apply to 1 chapter;
review and approve; apply to all;
refine and finish as print-ready PDF.
Premium Package  Cover Design
Multi-stage design consultation; moderate to complex execution.
Multiple sketches & conversations;
resolve one or two refined layouts;
refine as one creative direction &
finish as print-ready PDF.
(front, back, & spine; your ISBN=n/c)
Page Design & Fulfillment
up to 200 pages; up to 10 graphics and 5 charts,
up to 20 callouts/epigraphs.
Choose a template or custom; apply to 1-3 chapters;
review and approve; apply to all;
refine and finish as print-ready PDF.
Custom Project For more complex books, book series, and books with multimedia; Scope and Specifications Doc required;
cost negotiated
by quote

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Production Export to/refine as: eBook $100-250
Manage Final Production $100-300
Cover Art/Design only (quote)
Add-on More Graphics/Charts $100 / 20
Editorial Services Proofreading (based on content)  $150-250+
Editing and Content consultation (quote)
Marketing & Press Services Simple PR Plan + Rollout Press Release $150-250+
Custom Social Media Plan and Site(s) Design $350-750+
Author/Book Website Design and Installation
*(Does not include hosting, domain name, annual maintanance)
Includes 3 hours training, basic commenting, simple ecommerce, and more
Add advanced interactivity: discussion forums, expert blogging, and more $150-350

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