Hosting & AMPs

Hosting and Annual Maintenance for sites, on our servers or yours.

Space BW Domains* Yr/Mon
Basic 2GB 3
35 GB
1+ $60 /6
Advanced 3GB 15
50 GB
1+ $90 /9
Top   4  
75 GB
1+ $125 /13
Hours* Per Year
One 5 / 6 $300
Two 10 / 12 $600
Three 20 / 24 $1200+
* For-profit /Not-for-Profit ($60 /50 per hr)
Billed by the minute;
Time rolls for 1 year

Plan Space BW Domains* Per Yr/Mon
1 1GB 50 GB 1 $108 /9
2 3GB 100 GB  3 $156 /13
3 5GB 300 GB! 5 $300 /25
BW = Bandwidth
Purchase this directly.
(with or without an AMP)

What's the Plan?

Clients hosted on our Shared Server must have a Hosting Plan with at least Basic Annual Maintenance Plan (AMP). This minimum is required, so your site is monitored, protected, and updated. These are competitively priced, and we've improved them this year, too!

Hosting AND Maintenance?

  1. Your HOSTING is the server for your site. We host a dozen of our client sites on a Shared Server at Rochen.
    Require more Space and Bandwidth? Use our Advanced or Top Shared, or a Dedicated Host space with Rochen.
  2. An Annual Maintenance Plan is your site support, and includes security and function upgrades, content and design changes, and more, billed to the minute.
    Not on shared Hosting? Site Maintenance Plans are also available to all our clients, wherever they're hosted.
    NOTE: A Maintenance Plan is REQUIRED for sites on OUR Shared Hosting.

Mix n Match

Custom Plans and Terms are available. Want Basic Hosting with Advanced AMP? Need Top Hosting but minimal AMP Support? Contact Us and tell us what you want, or ask us to call and go over your options.  

Sign up / Renew

Click a link below to send a pre-formatted but editable email. We'll get back to you, to confirm and to send an invoice.


Our Hosting costs are inexpensive and competitive, and are based on space and bandwidth. Our Annual Maintenance Plans are also tiered to bandwidth, but also complexity and other site factors. For accounting purposes we must keep these distinct. 

Even more

We apply critical protections as they become available. We remove vulnerabilities. We make manual backups (BUPs) before we update software, and give you recommendations, do clean-ups, and suggest corrections throughout the year, so you can concentrate on your site, message, and customers.

We'll send you the cPanel login for your domain, so you can create and edit new/existing email addresses, set forwarding and reply-tos, control Spam settings, upload files, make backups, and more. 


What if I don't want a whole year?

We offer a three month, temporary maintenance agreement, for $100, plus three months Hosting costs at your level (see Charts above).

I already have an AMP, am in development, or gee whiz, doesn't my honking huge budget cover the AMP?

If you already have an Agreement with small packages, or a project engagement with Greg or Steve, and we mutually agree that it covers your security monitoring and maintenance, you can pay Host costs only.

Are there other costs?

Special tasks, like setting up SSL (https secure URLs), creating parked and sub-domains, bridging to PayPal, etc, usually cost extra. In Basic, there’s not much room for these kinds of tasks, after our minimum hours are used for security and updates, but there are more hours you can allocate in Plans Two and Three. 

What if I just want Hosting?

You can Host directly with Rochen (see Chart 3, above). We'll provide security and monitoring for up to 30 days while you ready your move to Rochen Dedicated or choose an alternative Host/Server. An AMP Level One is required on our shared server.

Can I do this myself?

Some of it, yes. You could sign up with and use Phil Taylor's services—but then you'd have to show us that you monitor the hundreds of checklist items each month. You might be able to manage some, even most of the required minimum protection, but no client site is safe unless all sites are safe—so we require a Basic AMP from everyone to keep all sites safe. Today, sites share vulnerabilities with all other sites on their server. 

If you're sure you want to go it alone, or take it in-house to a team, we can train you, and help you make the move to another server. And if you do, we strongly recommend you add Phil Taylor's services to your mix, as we do.

We spent an average of six hours per site per year on analysis and stabilization, and have spent another two hours per month on each site fulfilling the tasks critical for success. We only deduct four (4) hours from your Plan. The rest is OUR contribution to ensuiring safe and reliable Hosting.

Even with extra effort, site security does not come with an absolute guarantee. But our Maintenance partnerships give us the best possible exploit prevention, rapid response, containment, and fix-up.

What are the specific Terms of each Level?

Level One:

Small & Simple

$300 per year

  • 5 hours of pre-purchased time (6 hrs / NFPs).
  • Task/call requests scheduled within 5 business days.
  • One hour of free training, up to 3 people, via web conf.

Level Two:

Moderate Size/Complexity

$600 per year

  • 10 hours (12 hrs / NFPs)!
  • More available, for one-time or ongoing site tasks.
    Task/call requests scheduled within 3 business days.
  • Two free hours of training, up to 3 people, via web conf.

Level Three:

Large Size/Complexity

$1200+ per year

  • 20 hours (24 hrs / NFPs)!
  • Priority Level, for one-time or ongoing site tasks.
    Task/call requests scheduled within 1 business day.
  • Five+ free hours of training, up to 3 people, via web conf.
  • Project management, task assignment/tracking, detailed documentation, and more.
  • We'll move your site to a dedicated server, as needed.

For ALL Levels:
  • All Routine security and software updates and fixes.
  • Security Monitoring, using Phil Taylor's MyJoomla, WHM/cPanel, and more.
  • After four hours are deducted for our security and udates, your remaining time can be used for: consultation/development; installs/rigging, design/content work; addt'l training; etc.
  • Unused minutes roll over to following year.
  • Access to resources/tools for learning Joomla.
  • Access to our growing Help Forums.
  • Discounts for more task/training hours.
  • Joomla 3.x is Responsive for Moble Devices!

We will do all security-related and urgent updates on an immediate and as-needed basis.

We'll advise you if what you request will take more that 30 minutes of your pre-purchase.

We time ourselves to the minute. If a task takes seven minutes, we deduct seven minutes.

We reserve the right to not charge you! If your request is a clear, short message, and we have a ready answer, we often reward  ou by not loggin  the time— especially if it makes a nice forum Q&A post!

All costs are negotiable within limits. 

You can always pre-purchase more time, or contact us for an estimate.

We're available for more complex or creative projects, too, and most quotes are free, of course!


Contact us for a quote today!

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