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Comment-enabled PDFs allow authors to quickly mark up changes to their formatted book, in Adobe (Acrobat) Reader. It makes it easier for us to apply those edits, and easier equals less time equals less expensive.

Generally, authors work in a word processing program. Book designers work in costly page layout programs that require technical skills most authors don't have.

So when it comes time to make changes to a designed and formatted text, how do we bring author and designer together?

Adobe (Acrobat) Reader facilitates post-formatting edits between author and book designer, author and copy editor, author and publicist.

It's easy to use, and lets the author fine-tune a fully formatted version of their book.

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Here's how it works, using Reader:


If you don't have the free Adobe Acrobat Reader, click the logo to download the latest version for your device.

  1. In Reader, open the formatted comment-enabled PDF from your book designer.

  2. Click on "Comment" in the toolbar to open the "Annotation" tools. The tools slide out in a right sidebar.

  3. Click to open the "Comments List" in the sidebar.

    thumb Reader 06bNOTE: you can detach the "Comments List" from the sidebar and set it alongside the document on your desktop.

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There are 12 tools in the toolbox. We will show you how to use three.

NOTE: Roll over a tool, and the tooltip will show its function. The three most useful tools are explained any time by clicking the icon at the lower right with the “T” and the “star” (Text Correction Markup).


OK, let's make some edits!

Insert text: Click and start typing to indicate/record where text should be inserted.
thumb Reader 07a insert

Delete text: Select text and press “Delete” to indicate/record where text should be deleted.
thumb Reader 08a delete

Replace text: Select text and start typing to indicate/record where text should be replaced.
Reader 09a replace

All edits are automatically documented in the "Comment List."

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