Mountain Tree Care


For more than 30 years Mountain Tree Care has been the standard of excellence for tree care in the Hudson Valley. Their focus on tree repair and preservation is what sets them apart from other tree services.

The site is designed to showcase Mountain Tree Care's services, explain the benefits of tree landscaping and protection, and to express their love of trees.



Rock and Rye Tavern


Site for local restaurant with complete iPhone compatibility for customer mobile access/reservations, etc. Also private access built in for staff.



Zero Pollution Motors


We designed the site on an optimized, multi-template Joomla core. We also created the multi-stage sign-up form, and a custom Flash home page.

Zero Pollution

(Not Launched)

All web sites, small and large, have the same essentials:

  • logo/header
  • menu/navigation
  • a main stage for articles & content
  • usually, a side column
  • a footer area
This is why a professional template, with modest customization, makes your site instantly professional and competitive.

Modern Content Management Systems like Joomla offer unprecedented power and functionality for small businesses and not-for-profits. Even if your site is 5 pages of information and a contact form, Joomla gives you an edge. Keep your site up-to-date, expand as you grow, and have the tools for completely controlling your message.

Here's how easy it can be:

  1. If you have some content and a logo, or an existing web site, you are ready!
  2. We'll install Joomla, then recommend the best templates from which to build your site.
  3. Your logo and identity materials become a custom header. Your content becomes editable articles (pages).
  4. We train you and your team to edit and manage articles, menus, and modules.
  5. We launch your site!
Not simple enough?

For brave souls with some tech skills we offer a Joomla Site Core package*:

  1. We install Joomla for you (and a few extras!) (1.5 hours)
  2. We train you (3 hours)
  3. We Launch your site (1.5 hours)

6 hours total = $390

All of this ranges from $650 to $1500* and up, depending on the actual scope of work. We determine this with you before we begin.

Need more? We offer logo and comprehensive site design, and literally hundreds of add-ons and extensions that turn your site into a toolbox. Ongoing training and maintenance options ensure your site is the best it can be.

* Hosting costs not included; all content provided by client.

Contact us for a quote today!

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