• good things

    member- & data-driven sites,
    complex collaboration tools,
    or 3-page masterpieces
    —for the Yale Climate Institute,
    or your small business.
  • better boxes

    in or out of the box,
    effectiveness trumps artifice.
    does your site & application
    understand your product & audience?
  • best practices

    we use Joomla and add-ons
    —CiviCRM, Moodle, Stackideas, etc—
    for powerful, affordable, and
    original results.
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Book Design & Services

cover design & pages design
publication management
editing and content

  • "You and your team did a fantastic job building the website"

    Yale Climate Inst. Juliana Wang, Assistant Director, Yale Climate and Energy Institute
  • "Our new website not only met our specifications, but continues to be a site that grows and evolves"

    NYSVMS Julie A. Lawton, Executive Director, NYS Veterinary Medical Society
  • "I want to express our appreciation for your professionalism and talents in design. The outcome was an excellent website"

    SLT Andrew Mason, President, Schoharie Land Trust
  •   “Most of the credit so far goes to you. It's amazing

    “Most of the credit so far goes to you. It's amazing"

    Reading Portfolio Matthew Pearson, Reading Protfolio
  • "Throughout the process, we benefitted from small packages' commitment to excellence, creative solutions, and truly understanding their clients' needs"

    Seth McKee, Land Conservation Director, The Scenic Hudson Land Trust
  • "I am grateful to Greg for his creativity, his skill as a web master, his grace as a teacher, and his generosity"

    Amherst Writers & Artists Pat Schneider, Founder, director emerita, Amherst Writers & Artists
  • "The team at smallpackages outperformed expectations in building our interactive web tool"

    Scott Mathews, President, WeatherEX LLC
  • "I can always expect the utmost in professional service from small packages"

    Greg Gage, Project Manager, Red Horizon, LLC
  • "Use this man. He is brilliant, articulate and bottomline excellent"

    Gower Idrees, CheapPetStore.com
  • "We have found the right team, and the best practices, with small packages"

    Alex Neil, Director of eBusiness, Hudson Valley Credit Union
  • "small packages did a great job. With over 25,000 articles, the TG Daily website is one of the larger websites running Joomla"

  • "In less than a year, Small Packages took our Web site, Whatis.com, now the world's leading IT encyclopedia, and made it famous enough to be cited as one of the Top Five Information Technology Web sites by PC Magazine"

    Lowell Thing, Creator, Founder, Whatis.com
  • "The site is just beautiful! We could not be happier Steve. You are such a joy to work with"

    Empowerment Inst. Gail Straub, co-founder and Executive Director of Empowerment Institute
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Own your website. Manage your message.Update your website content.

Stop waiting for know-IT-alls like us to change pages.

Stay in touch with Users and Members, and let them keep your web content fresh. Engage Registered Users, with private content and personalized services. Joomla is the perfect Content Management System for most businesses, associations and non-profit organizations.

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